Products Details in Tyre Changer ARTIGLIO MASTER

The Artiglio Master continues to amaze and to draw an indelible line between the past and the future in the world of tyre changers.
Probably only Croghi could consign to history the traditional tyre changer ,created by a stroke of genius in the filter a and the symbol of a brand and a whole sector of professional down to the present day.
The Artiglio master ends the age of levers, physical effort ,worries about the delicate rims and dengerous stresses on tyres,and the headache of constantly having to deal with new rims in a fast evolving sector.
Now, This continuous ,rapid evolution in wheel dimensions that has enabled Corghi to produce an even higher performance version,capable of working on any type from 12" to 26" with incredible ease and safety.

Technical Data :
  • Rim Diameter                             :From 12" to 26"
  • Max. Tyre Diameter                    :1100 mm
  • Bottom Bead Breaker Stroke   :450 mm
  • Top Bead Breaker Stroke         : 450 mm
  • Bottom Bead Breaker Force     :7600 mm
  • Top  Bead Breaker Force          :7600 mm
  • Power Supply                               :230 V / 1Ph / 50 Hz
  • Motor                                              :0.55kW
  • Working Pressing                       :8 bar (min)
  • Weight                                           :468 kg