Products Details in Exact Cubo

The new Corghi Cubo 3D wheel aligen with 2 camera ending system, fast, simple yet very reliable.

    •    The user friendly Software for precise and quick alignment measurements.
    •    Based on WIN 7 software
    •    0.01 data display
    •    Intiutive two key operation
    •    User friendly software with easy access tutpr help
    •    Easy access to all adjustment values
    •    Automatic Steering measurements directly from the targets
    •    Maximum steering without expensive electronic turntables.
    •    Graphic indications for adjustment
    •    Chassis measurement data
    •    Factory Calibrated, Calibration on installation only,
    •    no need for maintenance calibration
    •    Job operation customer data bank, to recall and memorize all customer data
    •    Wall mounting kit for clamp and target storage
    •    Life Dive-on Assistant by remote camera (optional)
    •    Practical side trolley for clamp and tar get holder (optional)