Products Details in Spray Paint Booth Endothemic Gamma

Revolution to Cure Water Borner Paints Endothermic Baking System

  • This new system, studied for waterborne paints, uses a special heating system that is operating during the drying phase ( but even during painting phase have to be used for heating the car body especially during cold months) and dry the paint starting form the metal of the body heated directly by the radiant waves.
  • During the drying phase the ventilation is stopped and then in this way the booth do not need any burner or heat exchanger or smoke ducts and the cost for each painting and drying phases are considerably reduced if compared the cost of the gas and the electricity.
  • The system consists of 10 No of panels with maximum operation temperature equal to 170c and a Control Board. The panel is made of a double electric insulation structure with a special fabric inside made of copper warp and ceramics plot, and by a polyester thin plate and aluminium frame outside.
  • Dimension of Panels : 2 panels of dimensions 2385x730x39 mm, 4 Panels of dimensions 2385x730x39 mm, 4 panels of dimension 2385x730x39 mm and Nr.4 panels under the ceiling roof.
  • Lights are at least less than 500 mm above from the floor level. Total KW34 nominal

Advantages of Endotherrmic System:

    •    Low maintenance is required.
    •    Saving Costs
    •    Easy to install and easy to dismount.
    •    High security against fire risk.
    •    Immediate heat supply