Products Details in Tachometer on Battery

The Uniuqe Tachnometer on battery allows to take RPM values by easy connections to the cigar lighter plug or to the vehicle battery.The Measurement is made without connecting the piezoelectric sensor resulting in tremendous timing saving.
The technometer on battery is actually an indispensable tool for all professional who wish to use a product allowing simplicity,reliability and precision.

                                              Technical Data

Principle Absorption of ligh
Measurement Smoke/Light absorption coefficient (K)
Range Opacity            -0 to 99.0%                            0.1%
RPM 200-9999                                                         1 RPM
Tempreture 00C -  1500 C                                                   10        
Light Source Green LED commanded by micro-controlle
Detector Photo diode,which regulates the temperature
Opacity Transducer Tube of 215 mm long regulated i temperature
Ventilation Flat positioned fan
Display LED Bar Graph display for RPM & Opacity
Physical  Response  Time < 0.234 sec.
Electric  Response  Time =0.94 sec.
Communication via a serial port  RS232
Operating Temperature 00 C  -   500 C
Power Supply 230 VAC (+10% - 15%) , 50 Hz (+-2%)