Products Details in Corghi ice 800

High Performance automatic professional unit easily performs all the functions required in modern ac
systems. High Controlled LCD Display Alarms for High Pressure, Full Bottle. Large Size Gauges for easier reading . USB Ports for Software Updates.
Integrated Vehicle database update from the PC.(USB Key)

Technical Data

Coolant : R134A
accum Pump : 90 I/MIN
Coolant Tank Capacity : 10kg
FIlter Capacity : 55kg (of Recovered freon)
Oil Tank : 2x180ml
Coolant Balance : 1g.
Operating Tempertaure : 5-50c
Rotary Compressor : 6.45cc
Serice Pipes : 3m-SAE-J2196
Sizes (Lxpxh) : 450x600x900mm
Power supply : 220 240V 50/60 hz~1
weight : 60kg
Thermal Printer : Optional