Products Details in Vehicle Test Line BT 100

 Introduction of Vehicle Test Line BT 100 Technology

  Technologically at the state of the art, it is fully controlled by a personal computer with Windows operating system and includes  A color monitor gives real-time,simultaneous display of the numerical values and the high quality graphics,visible from a considerable
distance.The colour printer supplied as standard is able to print out all the data and the charts of the measurement made at the end of the cycle.

Parameters Measured by Vehicle Test Line BT 100
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Brake ovalisation
  • Mean ovalisation values difference.
  • Maximum Braking Force
  • Effort applied to the brake system operating device(if the pedal dynamometer is used)
  • Breaking efficiency of the vehicleoverall and of the individual wheets (service and emergency brake)
  • Parking brake braking effiency
  • Maximum percentage braking unbalance between the two wheels on the same axle
  • Difference between the amount of effort applied to the pedal to completely stop the front and the rear wheels (if the pedal dynamometer is used)
  • Weighing system integrated in suspension test bed or independent runway weighing system.