Products Details in Power Plasama Cutter

POWER PLASMA 3100 was developed to respond to the need to work with a power source that is easy to handle and to use ,with the minimum system requirement, But which still ensures excellent cutting quality on medium-small thicknesses.
  • Automatic Voltage Change (115 / 230 V +/-10 %)
  • Pilot arc operating mode,which makes it possible to work even on painted or coated metals.
  • Pilot self-restart,selectable from the panel,to interrupt and automatically reset the arc when cutting nets and grids, increasing operator productivity.
  • High voltage arc striking with higf frequency,to ensure reliable lighting of the pilot arc and reduced disturbances.
Technical Data :
Single Phase Input 115/230 V    50/60 Hz
Max. Installed Power 3.2 KW
Input Power 4.2  KVA     35 %
Current adjustment range 5 A - 25 A
Min. Max. Current for Welding 28-155 A
Duty Cycle 25 A    35 %
No. of regulation steps Electronic
Max. thickness of steel 6%10 mm (12)
Cebora Plasma torch supplied 4 m (13 ft.)
Air Consumption 60 Lt./Min.  3.5 bar
Protection Class 23 C
Weight 13 Kg.
Dimensions 150x357x382