Products Details in Computerized Lift with Independent columns

The Technique :
  • Electro-mechanical by screw-nut.
  • Bearing & safety nuts of same dimensions of certified quality bronze UNI 1705 B 14
  • Computerised control unit
  • Electronic control of the equal level of the columns
  • Graphic visualisation of the functioning and of the lifting height of each column on a big crystal display.
  • Self-diagnosis and visualisation on the display of any damage control unit mounted on the master column or installed on a mobile console.
The Safety :
  • Programmed compulsory maintenance
  • Key selector for emergency descent in case of electronical failure.
  • Great stability thanks to a very large surface of the holding frame (1,2 m)
  • Visualisation  of the nut wear by visual gauge or calibre.
  • Low tension "dead man" control buttons & mushroom type emergencybutton
  • Double end-stroke safety system : electronic & mechanical
  • Obstacle detector during the descent
Technical Data :
Type SCM 75 SCM 90
Capacity 7.5 Ton 9 Ton
Lifting Stroke 170 mm 170 mm
Lifting Time 165  mm/s 165 mm/s
Motor Power 3 Kv 4 kv
Weight 560 Kg. 600 Kg.