Products Details in Pulling System



             You  may own an old workshop or constructing a new building,working from a temporary shed or hired premises whatever be the number of bays at your workshop, Speed-O-Power changes your workshop floor into powerful body straightening equipment. The design is compatible to suit all type of car/van/4WD bodies. The system has a limitless area of work with basic system occupying one working bay area.    

   Features Offered by Pulling System
  • Rigid Frame Straightening System with lifting and anchoring.
  • Economical and Space Saving System.
  • Fast chain less anchoring.
  • Easy to put together system for quick and accurate repair of light and heavy damages.
  • 360pulling access around the vehicle.
  • Two seats of 10 Ton Hydraulics to provide two pulls or   one push & a pull simultaneously , resulting in quick repairs.
  • Capable of repairing frontal damage without removing engin in some cases.
  • Repair / Replacement of apron  , cowltop , floor pan side body etc.
  • Very economical to upgrade to the second work bay.
  • Easy upgrade to Mechanical & Electronic Measuring System.